We know that you want to do everything you can to help prepare your child for the future. At Delaware Tang Soo Do Academy, we are deeply committed to helping your child reach his/her full potential in karate, school and in life. Our carefully planned curriculum, structured routines, and experienced instructors can help your child develop:

  • discipline
  • focus and attention span
  • memorization skills
  • responsibility and accountability
  • respect for themselves, teachers/authority, and others
  • confidence and self-esteem
  • skills for goal setting and overcoming obstacles 
  • anger management
  • perseverance
  • character development
  • self-control


 A typical class starts with a fun obstacle course and a warm-up. Students learn to line up according to rank, bow and stand still and quietly at attention until the instructor gives them directions. Students learn and practice basic karate techniques and play FUN karate skill-based games that incorporate kicking, punching, blocking, balancing, yelling, stretching, running and jumping.  Safety lessons are also included throughout the year. 

Lessons are carefully planned for optimum learning. For example, we help students learn good work habits while practicing agility on the obstacle course. We emphasize that students listen carefully to the directions and move through the obstacle course carefully and exactly according to the directions. It doesn’t matter how fast they go through the course, the important thing is that they do it correctly. If they make a mistake such as knocking over a cone or landing on one foot instead of two, they are expected to try the last obstacle again. Helping students develop the habit of doing something correctly instead of quickly and developing the habit of fixing your mistakes before you move on, will help them excel in school and when they advance to the next level of martial arts training. Schedule a FREE trial class for your 4-6 year old here.


7-12 Year Old Program

Black Belt Program

4-6 Year Old Program

Teen and Adult Program

Do what is necessary

to become who you want to be. 

We welcome beginners of all ages, fitness and physical ability levels and will work with you to become your personal best. Most of the students who enroll in one of our programs have no previous martial arts experience. You can do it too!

Our 4-6 Year Old Class is a 45 minute FUN age-appropriate introduction class. Small class sizes and cheerful patient staff make this a great first-time program for young children.  Our goals for this program are to help students develop confidence, a positive "I can do it!" attitude, and a passion for physical activity while we help them prepare for the next level of training.

The program focuses on three areas:

  • intro to karate: basic karate techniques, basic terminology, and dojang etiquette/protocol (like bowing onto the mat, standing still and quiet at attention, and saying “Yes Sir.”)
  • developing fundamental physical skills such as agility, balance, coordination, and strength
  • developing mental skills such as better listening, learning to follow directions, paying attention to details, improving concentration, discipline, memory, longer attention span, and self-control

We offer additional classes for students who are getting ready to test for their black belt or have earned their black belt. These classes provide opportunities for students to learn and practice more advanced material. There are no additional fees for the Black Belt Classes. 


The same material that is taught in the Teen and Adult Program is taught in the 7-12 Year Old Program but at a more age-appropriate pace and level. Students gain confidence as they learn and apply their new skills, reach goals they have worked towards, attain higher rank, and make new friends. 

Children with special needs, such as ADD, learning difficulties and hyperactivity are often recommended to participate in programs like ours because of the clear benefits in the structured training. 

Martial Arts Training is for Everyone!

We offer free self-defense programs for groups at your site or at our school.

(302) 422-4087  Milford       *       (302) 313-1679  Lewes

This is the perfect program to help you get in better shape while you learn self-defense.  Our friendly staff and students make this program a fun way to relieve stress after a long day of  work (or school). 

This is a progressive program that includes kicking, punching, blocking, partner drills, self-defense techniques, forms and weapons. Students also do sparring to get experience applying what they are learning. With each new rank, students progress through levels of difficulty and learn new material. 

With regular training in our program, you can build speed, strength, endurance, flexibility and balance while losing fat and gaining muscle. Many parents choose this program for their teenage children because it can reduce the risk for obesity, help build stronger bones and muscles, be an effective tool for reducing the symptoms of stress and depression, enhance mental health by increasing positive feelings about body image, improve self-esteem, and offer tangible experiences of competency and success.